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Jonathon Simpson
Jonathon Simpson
Food Expert

600 Cheeses and Counting!

We don’t just love cheese—we are passionate, obsessed. There really is no other foodstuff as perfect as cheese, nothing that comes close to cheese’s perfection in terms of its intensity and nuance of flavor and fragrance, its remarkable gamut of textures, its ambassadorial regional specificity. Cheese lights us up. Fairway is always first, always in the news, always in the vanguard of the world of cheese, and as a result is practically synonymous with the very word.


Where to start with our dazzling, dizzy-making array of beautiful cheeses? Just ask our cheesemongers. They are more than happy to share their vast cheese knowledge, and to offer you a taste. Don’t be shy!

The Legacy of Steve ‘Cheese’ Jenkins and Avanelle Rivera

When Steve Jenkins joined the Fairway family in the 1980, he was an out-of-work stage actor with five years’ experience behind the counter at a New York City specialty food retailer. Steve has come a long way, and so has the Fairway cheese shop. Steve, America’s first French-certified “maitre-fromager” (master cheesemonger) is nationally and internationally recognized as the person who is responsible for the light-years jump in the availability and rabid popularity of so many artisanal cheeses that today are considered staple.  His book, Cheese Primer (Workman, 1996), is considered the professional’s and amateur’s bible.  It won the James Beard Award and has sold over 300,000 copies.  Fairway’s cheese operations have spawned a number of other retailers across New York City and the rest of the country, and, doubtless, each of their owners has made the pilgrimage to Fairway in an attempt to emulate our success. Having achieved the pinnacle of cheesedom and it was time for Steve to pass the proverbial cheese knife on to the next superstar fromager, Avanelle Rivera. Steve’s knowledge and passion are only rivaled by Avanelle’s, and it is with this knowledge, passion, and lots of love that she grew Fairway’s cheese operation into what it is today.

From France to Italy to Right Around the Corner

We have the greatest respect for the world’s oldest cheeses, and we will always consider ourselves specialists in this regard. Check out fresh and fluffy chevre; nutty manchego; real camembert…your heart might skip a beat. It is Fairway that has thrown its weight behind the efforts of the new vanguard of cheesemakers, in particular those here in the USA, like Robinson Farm’s organic, grass-fed cheeses from Massachusetts. We are proud to support our local cheesemakers, and impressed with the quality of their cheeses!


Mozzarella-Fresh-Handmade-Salted_00006_1You haven’t truly tasted mozzarella until you’ve eaten it fresh out of the cheesemaker’s hands, minutes old. Life changing. Living, breathing, warm, weeping with fresh milk, tender, supple, sweet and delicious! Like EATING a glass of milk! Right in our stores, our own curd is transformed into the most delicious, freshest, most handmade ‘fior di latte’ on the planet. Our cow’s milk curd is made from the milk of New York State dairy cows. Salted mozz is best for snacking and salads; unsalted for cooking and recipes.

The Fairway Olive Bar

bowl_olivesWe invented the olive bar. Way back when everyone was jarring everything, we liberated the fruit called “olive” and gave it the spotlight it deserves. How? By offering a selection of the most important olives from the world’s cuisines. We wouldn’t THINK of just plopping the olives into a bin. We lovingly dress our olives in their most authentic, delicious way with the traditional, region-specific recipe of olive oil, herbs, and spices. By giving them attention and care, the olives are thus elevated to the peak of their deliciousness. You know you’re getting the BEST when you fill up a container of Fairway olives, and at wonderful prices.
Brie is Just the Beginning! Brie is Just the Beginning!
Cheese Plate Heaven Cheese Plate Heaven
Fairway Invented the Olive! Fairway Invented the Olive!
Our Cheese Experts Are Proud to Serve You Our Cheese Experts Are Proud to Serve You